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Bigcheese5300 said:
Plus I've got to take the LSAT and go back to school for a while!
Free advice: Take the LSAT more seriously than I did. I thought I was too cool to get bogged down by standardized testing, and that my genius would shine through! I'm now in my 3rd year at age 35 (i'm a late bloomer) and damn sick of being broke. I'm grateful that my wife can keep food on our table. I haven't been able to roadrace in two years, and nearly all projects have fallen by the wayside. Yes I'm whining, and thanks for listening. I'm really looking forward to gainful employment.

I recently started building a rat XS650 chopper, mostly because I was feeling restless and I had enough parts at my disposal (friends, scrap metal pile, etc.) to get started. I have other m/c projects waiting for me that demand real money. If I didn't build the XS, I was planning on a CB350 for the same reasons. Enough friends vintage race them that cast-off parts are plentiful. In fact, I've got a frame and some triple clamps if you want 'em.

The world is there for your chopping. Enough creativity can make nearly anything cool.
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