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227 Posts's been about 10 years since i rode a bike on the street.
Like you, i'm more into cars, but there's always been a spot for bike's too.
I LOVE fabricating, it's something thats become a major factor for me in whatever i try and do.
I picked up a triumph from my uncle last month, in pieces, and i'm stocked about getting back into it.
I'm deffinately NOT a biker..never claimed to be..
But i'd be lying if i didn't say there really is something special about getting on a bike and matter how close or far..
I have a feeling once i get this one built...there will be more to follow.

No matter what you start with....i have no doubt you'll be building the bike you want to build sooner than you think..
And judging by the pics i've seen of your touring, it'll be one kickass bike i'm sure!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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