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The GNRS is one of the more "seriously" judged shows out there. The great thing about it from my experience is that for the most part it is not judged by a couple guys walking around and deciding which bike they like and conspiring to make the judging sheets add up like the El Camino College and Hanford shows have been in the past. The judges do not react to the "celebrity" of the entrant or the "cool factor" of a builder. They have a set of criteria and they usually have judges that have been looking at bikes for a long, long time.

So get all your nuts and bolts squared away, make all your polishing match, get your pipes straight and detail the crap outta that sucker.

It can be a very humbling or rewarding experience and in the end if you win, it actually means that you have built a great bike, not just chronicled a build thread on this board and had people swing off your nuts day after day.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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