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mcotie said:
I saw that too. That has to be the shittiest 3D model of a bike I have ever seen( chrome texture shader just thrown over every thing). The design looks like a rejected OCC puke bomb. I can think of a thousand other design options that would have made that bike more evil looking than that.

Evil? Where's there even one thing on that bike that looks evil. Or menacing for that fact. They're gonna have to do better than that. Number one - IT NEEDS TO BE BLACK. And I'm talking 20 coats of premium black sheen (you can get a hell of a depth out of a good black sheen). Number two - NO CHROME. Stainless, aircraft alum., titanium.....anything but chrome. What the fuck would the devil care how his hair looks? Number three - lower to the ground, and make it look stable. After all, something that constantly looks in state fragility doesn't look menacing.

I think they might lout this up like so many other "superhero" movies (hmhm, Fantastic 4 - Well except for Jessica Alba, I'd consider eating corn out of her shit). Let us hope not.
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