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As far as the BFMC book being a nostalgic history book, I think that was the point, get the originals stories down before they are gone. Face it, we all look back on our younger days with a bit of nostalgia / boasting. I've enjoyed the book - these guys were with a club for the right reason - brotherhood, fun. Our day to day lives are filled with enough drama that we dont need more when we are trying to unwind and relax...

Read Sonny Bargers books and enjoyed them as well, need to keep in mind the perspective they are coming from and the fact that history is always written by the winners, have yet to read HST or any other version of the story. Very important to get your info from many different sides...
As an aside, here is a pic of Sonny signing a bottle of his beer for me, he was very corgial - told him I enjoyed his book and he seemed very appreciative, approachable...
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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