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German Rookie comes aboard

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Hi everyone,

i have been lurking this site for quite some time now
but never really dared to register, since i only had an old 60s scooter
and no real motorcycle as a two wheeled ride.
Before i was more of a car guy, actually. Still am, really.
My current ride is a 1940 Plymouth sedan, but that's not for the JJ.
2 years ago i finally got my hands on an old 45 and started my first build.
This site was of great help to me in many situations.
I'm nearly done now and plan to get street legal until the end of the year.
Since winter's coming i figured i could as well join now and ask questions
and discuss and maybe even give back some of the things
(if possible with my limited knowledge) i already got from the board
when i was still a lurker in the dark...

Here is a picture of the 45 in its current condition:

I've already done a few test rides and i must say i'm pretty intrigued...

See you on the board!

Best from Berlin,

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Willkommen to the board Capt. Fred. Your 45 looks great and your choice in cars is also excellent.
Mopar or no car :)
Welcome Captain! Love both those rides.
Welcome to the JJ, nice Flatty!
Thanks for the kind words!
Welcome abboard Fred,
do you like to show us some of your drawings too?
Hello Horst,

thanks for your interest.
here are some JJ-related drawings:

sometimes i steal a photo from the internet and do a little drawing over it,
most of the changing stuff and adding stupid characters, just for kicks.
i draw a lot of other things for a living, but most of it isn't really bike or hotrod-related. unfortunately.
lots of childrens' stuff, but i guess that's better nothing and it doesn't hurt anyone...

for those interested you can check it out more here:
or simply



p.s. i now realised i have the adress as a signature, already. well... anyway ;)
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Fred, I hope Rina Klimpke, the editor of the German Custombike Magazine, is going to contact you soon...

There are plenty of us car guys on this board.

Only a couple weirdos who like mopars...
Hmm, strange, a post from yesterday disappeared?
Or did i press the wrong key...? Anyway:

Thanks a lot, Horst!

Thanks Tattoo and Jaws, too!

And i wouldn't say i'm a mopar-only-enthusiast,
i just liked the design and had to own it, and so far i'm pretty
happy with what's underneath the sheet metal (except the brake system,
i really hate it, to be honest...).

But there's so many other cars out there one could own one day. :eek:

Sorry, back to bikes...
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