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I have for sale a mostly complete generator shovel motor from a running 1969 rigid. The engine was rebuilt 3 years ago and rode for three full seasons. Ran like an absolute dream but now I want something a little more insane. I am KEEPING THE ENGINE CASES AND TITLE. The sale includes everything EXCEPT THE TITLE AND CASES. As it sits it is an 80 cubic inch genny shovel. I guess I will start with from the crank up.
I have been told that the flywheels are truett and Osborne torque monster crank assembly with a splined shaft.
Wiseco Pistons
S and S oil pump
Sifton 450 lift cam
Heads and cylinders are in great condition, heads are rebuilt with manley valves and springs.
Rockers where chrome but chrome has started flaking off
The engine has been torn down, but is there 100% other then the cases. Everything is bagged or boxed and ready to go. I am asking 1800$ OBO and buyer pays shipping from Chicago. Any more questions just PM me.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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