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G'Day All, new to the JJ

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G'day to all you Motorcyclists in cyberland. Like you I lean towards the older style of motorcycle and always have had. Its just that many of them were new back then. I have mostly British bikes and one hooligan bike of US descent. I also work on old speedy cars.
As I live just off the Great Ocean Road in Australia, most riding is immensely enjoyable, although a recent coffee in Lorne cost me $234- and 3 points on my licence. :(
A quick question. Does anyone have any experience with pre unitTriumph 500 Tiger 100 strokers? I'm in the process of a rebuild of one that has a TR6 crank etc. It also has 2 piece head and I'm not certain of the benefits or otherwise of this mod. All comments gratefully received.
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G'day! Welcome to the forum! Quite new myself.

Someone will come along soon with answers to your Triumph question. Might get an answer faster if you posted in the tech section.
Thanks for that Chuck, I'll have a look for that section, got to get used to this :)
Welcome old vet. love going for a ride down the GOR (originally from Geelong) but damn its getting crazy down there! where abouts are you?
I live in Torquay Jay, I agree with you on the road and traffic. I occasionally do a mid week run early morning which is much better. Much more fun years ago when we used it as a personal race track.
Nice, im down there about twice a month (partners form the Juc) often on the old mans Sporty. Would love to check ou your build some time. im in the process of building a T120/TR6 frankentrump first build. you'll find lots of help here, and be sure to use your search up the top as A LOT has been covered.
No worries Jay, give us a bell if you want to drop in. 0418350350 Alan
G'day Alan & welcome, Im up in South-East bayside Melbourne, sorry can't help with Trump stuff, perhaps try searching on if you don't find what you're after here, if that fails i'll give a buddy of mine a bell with a '62 Tiger 100SS and i'm sure he can talk your ear off or put you onto someone who can. -nick
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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