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Gasket cement for AMAL 930?

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Any of you use gasket cement or sealant on your float bowl gasket? If so what kind, how much, etc?
I've tried a little blue Hylomar in the past and it caused the float to stick. Any other opinions/ideas?
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^^^^ Read closely what Wes says! I did this years ago on a pair that were giving me hell, and he isn't kidding! it is amazing how the zinc bodies warp after years of being hamfisted!

Try it on the mounting flange too. Amazing how much hamfisting goes on with something so simple. Torque on the flange mounts is only lke 10lbs, or so. Most I have seen hang them by wrenching them down till the slide binds and back off........DUMB!
As for most things bike related, if it requires sealant then something is likely wrong.......

As far as I am concerned, Wes is the undisputed man to go to for advice on all things Brit. He is stellar to deal with, and good to converse with. Would like to catch him with more time to do a little "bench racing" with him.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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