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I can't speak with any authority on Gary Littlejohn's contributions to the chopper scene, but in late 1973 there was a SoCal-based BMX mail-order company called CYC that sold Littlejohn-Murphy monoshock frames and sidehacks for BMX. My friend Greg Esser was a monkey on a Littlejohn sidehack with his pilot Brian Webb, and I bought a Littlejohn Murphy monoshock frame from CYC. It was my first real BMX bike, and I got it January of '74--one month after my mom gifted me with a Schwinn Orange Krate for Christmas. I raped the Orange Krate and built up the Littlejohn Murphy monoshock frame to enter my first race in February of '74. The chrome coil-over shock seemed spongy to me, however, so I replaced it with a 7/8-inch seatpost with holes drilled in both ends to lock out the articulating movement of my frame. CYC went out of business by '76 or so, probably because they were too ahead of their time (BMX mail-order didn't really hit its stride until Rockville BMX got off the ground in the early to mid-'80s.) What does this have to do with coffin tanks? Not a motherscratchin' thing; I just wanted to wax nostalgic for all you old school BMXers out there like Boylecomm and The Flyin' Dutchman. Thanks for letting me ramble...
*Sigh*....another raped Orange Krate... (sniff):(
1 - 4 of 53 Posts
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