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The Baron said:
Back in the day
,Gary littlejohn Built Some way kool rides,The one that sticks in my mind is a wild pan it was fetured on the front cover of our english magazine motorcycle mechanics in I think feb 68 issue,i had a copy in the early eighties but it got lost! The Bike Was Built for The Film The savage seven,It was a real show & go Bike ,It had a silver Fish scale paint job on the frame and a crazy tuck n roll effect paint job on the sides of the tank ,a narrow mustang tank that sat low on the frame ,short chrome springers with a 21" and a big ole high sissy bar, and the motor was all chromed up, do any of you guys in the states remember this bike, have any info on it ? or does it still exsist.
did he build sidehacks for bmx bikes????
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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