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Blurb from the ABA Hall of fame induction in 1998

"Arguably, the FIRST manufacturer of a rigid BMX frame. Most famous for his production of Littlejohn sidehacks (a sidecar-mounted BMX bike). Manufactured BMX bikes from 1973 until 1985. As a manufacturer of motorcycle frames and gas tanks, part-time Hollywood stuntman Gary Littlejohn and his partner, Peter Murphy, were requested to build a BMX frame in 1973 By 1975, Gary Littlejohn had a full line of BMX bikes, ranging from mono-shocks to rigids, from forks to sidehacks Sponsored such early BMX heroes such as Billy Wouda and Bill McIntyre. In 1976, much to the heckling of the industry, Gary made and advertised a 26 inch "Ballooner" (later to be dubbed a "Cruiser")--three years before BMXers would ever consider racing "beach cruisers." Introduced "Pit Bikes" to his odd line of bikes in 1979 Followed up his original "Balloon-tire" cruiser with the times, manufacturing a 26 inch and 24 inch cruiser frame, before dropping out of the competitive BMX market. Today, Gary lives in Vermont and is a stunt coordinator in the film industry."
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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