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i've subscribed to and bought every ish of GARAGE magazine since it started. i havent seen the new ish now that JJ took control, so i cannot lift it up or put it down.
but.... i've never concidered it a motor-sickle mag.
sure they feature a few bikes now and than, but they feature more cars. mostly hot rods, beaters,customs, and drag racers. and dont forget usually near the end of the mag looks like an artsy photo shoot, but it's really just an ad for some clothes/products.
i understand, subscribers and newsstand sales will not keep a magazine survive. advertizing sponsors will.

SHIT!!! it seems i got off topic. GARAGE is a cool magazine, but it is not a motorcycle magazine.

unless they changed the format, than i take it all back.

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fatherfury said:
WOW u fuckers have some serious MAG issues haha no punn intended. hey I love/hate most magazines I look at em like the rolling stones every stones album has had at least 1 song I dug. mags are the same, the worst ones usually have at least one good thing in each issue. hey in 40 yrs thats a pretty good record. fuck it
dont complain just rip out the part u like n run !
over the yrs Ive been in alot o different mags =
supercycle,easyriders,in the wind,the horse,back street horse,lowrider,hot rod,hop up,hot bike,bike this bike that blah blah, the new heros in my book are garage -
dice they rule the rest all together ! matt n dean put it together crazy n fuck all the seriousness, revolutionary
in the bike world that takes balls. as far as garage goes
well jesse buying it may put a few quality bikes in it now,
I love that mag cuz its quality from low brow low buget
people & from the fact that jesse kept me & a few others in his first issue +(still a free add 4 cole) is proof to me its only gonna get better with more $$$ behind it.
belive u me I got mad respect 4 that fucker 4 leaving a number of unfriendlies in this issue, I aint that big a man motherfucker.

magazines make our lives dont knock em cuz I remember the days when they were all SHIT
were lucky fucks this decade dont chase em away.

well.... it finally came back to GARAGE. isnt that what this thread was originally about? yes i agree that DICE is the coolest bike mag out there rite now,but why is GARAGE concidered a bike mag?
i dont recall a bike evr bein' on the cover. and very few features inside about bikes(or one bike)

and it's been 2 or 3 years ago, but it was ish 1 or 2 with an article on cole, and i dont think they even mentioned that he built bikes. i remember like it was yesterday the pic of him sitting next to a green/aqua/seafoam ford flathead and rollin' his eyes to the sky.

once again i havent seen the last ish or 2. so if it's turned into a bike mag please ignore this post.
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