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Garage Magazine #10

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Just picked up the first Pay Up Sucker Publications issue of Garage. I have yet to go through the whole mag, but production is top notch. The mag looks great. Very nice. I read about 50 mags a month (no shit, and yes I'm a freak) and this thing is as well put together as any. It is also apparent that JJ hasn't stomped all over Stoners style as the mag remains the way it was.

Of course I picked it up at JJ's number one outlet, Wal-Mart. I usually don't shop at Wal-Mart, but was there by chance. Regardless of what you think of Jesse James, this cat is the next Oprah or Martha Stewart. Hands in lotsa pies. You gotta applaud the guy cause you know the industry needs a mag like this, well written, beautiful layout, excellent production. The Horse is a literary mess, and the other shit is, well shit unless you like that crazy 80's pro street chopper shit. Did I mention most of the other bike rags are shit?

Dice and Garage to the rescue. If they would only send the Nov. issue that was returned non-deliverable.

Thanks for steppin' in Mr. James and spreadin' the word.
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LOL.... Horse is a mess, but it's my favorite mess and I love it so. Haven't seen Garage yet. Sounds like I may have another to add to my pile though.
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