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Garage Magazine #10

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Just picked up the first Pay Up Sucker Publications issue of Garage. I have yet to go through the whole mag, but production is top notch. The mag looks great. Very nice. I read about 50 mags a month (no shit, and yes I'm a freak) and this thing is as well put together as any. It is also apparent that JJ hasn't stomped all over Stoners style as the mag remains the way it was.

Of course I picked it up at JJ's number one outlet, Wal-Mart. I usually don't shop at Wal-Mart, but was there by chance. Regardless of what you think of Jesse James, this cat is the next Oprah or Martha Stewart. Hands in lotsa pies. You gotta applaud the guy cause you know the industry needs a mag like this, well written, beautiful layout, excellent production. The Horse is a literary mess, and the other shit is, well shit unless you like that crazy 80's pro street chopper shit. Did I mention most of the other bike rags are shit?

Dice and Garage to the rescue. If they would only send the Nov. issue that was returned non-deliverable.

Thanks for steppin' in Mr. James and spreadin' the word.
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squirelmurphy said:
I wish Dice would give copy/specs to the bike being featured instead of a story about a guy passing out and getting tea bagged by his friend who dresses like a pirate. Those are the only chopper rags that have bikes I can stomach.
I would say IN ADDITION, not instead. Shit like that is fucking hilarious.

Kinda like this post!
Voneville said:
Okay, next party I'm at and someone passes out with their boots on I'll give them a roman soldier and post pics or save them for the JJ Zine... ;)
No pics necessary, the story will be just fine.
Shooty said:
Yeah that bike looks real "gay"

as opposed to........
Matt D said:
I dunno if posting a reply here is the right thing to do or not, or if anyone is even interested. The most common complaint we get with Dice is the lack of tech stuff and I agree, it's small. The reason Dean and I started the mag was 'cos we were fed up with reading bike and hot rod mags that were, well boring I guess and didn't really have the content and the humour that we live with. It was supposed to be more of a mag about everything we liked with some of our lifestyle thrown in. It's about everything we talk about when we are having a pint down the pub, bikes, cars, girls, partying, Napoleon Dynamite, Hunter S, more bikes etc etc. My feeling is if you wanna know how to rebuild a BSA topend get a Haynes manual, that said the whole drinking article thing has got a little tired so the last couple of issues we have knocked that right back and have included more tech stuff but the mag is really a lot of fun for us to do. What we really like is all the wild, crazy, fantastic people we have met since we started and to try and have some of their personalities in the articles, apart from the bikes themselves, that's what interests us the most. We do it all for the lurve 'cos there sure as hell is no money in it. Magazine sales in general are down 'cos of the internet and stuff but there is nothing like owning something that doesn't exsist in cybaspace. Anyway, issue 11 is looking bloody great, look out for the Dice style bible pages, this issue is all about facial hair, very important for everyone on the JJ.
Matt, dont justify shit. DICE is the coolest fucking magazine out there right now, my only complaint is that it doesnt come out every month.
Matt D said:
Hey Trent, yeah, you're right my man. It's just a case of, you can't please all the people all the time.
Fuck pleasing people. I have always thought of Dice in a totally different category than other magazines (FYI, I DONT read or buy ANY other magazines, the only magazines I buy are ones that have one of my bikes featured, and those just get tossed in a drawer). Dice, to me, is a magazine where guys who KNOW the tech involved can look at cool bikes. Fuck tech articles, if you dont know how to do it.. figure it out on your own.

Keep Dice just like it is, but make it monthly! ! !
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