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Rock, ignore these geeks.

Rock, don't listen to any of these dudes slamming you. Number one, when they were 16 they were probably smoking to much weed and spanking the monkey 24/7, number two, they are as geeky and gay as all the "posers" they slam. The only diff between them and the rubs that ride the big, bright, billet shit, is they ride "ol skool" bikes and think everyone else is a loser.. even funnier how they slam the dumb articles in the Horse, yet spend hours on these forums going on and on about what is gay and not..
Any guy that needs to be in a club that basically consists of guys standing around in a garage, slicking their hair back and talking about how everyone else is gay, well... fill in the blanks.
The real players are not on these forums slamming people, if they are here, they are quietly watching and every once in a while, they pipe in with real advise, otherwise they are busy working or riding.

March to your own drummer and ingnore the pinheads, they don't speak for anyone other than geeks in clubs and on forums.
1 - 1 of 132 Posts
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