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Fury shocks?

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Anyone know of a decent replacement shock that will fit in place of the originals on a fury girder front end? The ones on mine still look great, but they have no resistance in either direction, I figure it will make for a really bouncy front end
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Just a thought and it may or may not be able to be done with those but maybe check into getting them recharged if they are oil filled. It's been a long time but somewhere back in time I remember reading or hearing about something like that with old shocks like Girlings and such.
Most shocks can be rebuilt . Even non-rebuildables . Take a set of measurements off them and post those up . Odds are they are a standard type off something else also .
I don't have them handy, but if i remember correctly they are about 13 inches long. They are aluminum with the treads for the coil spring keepers cast into the lower body of the shock
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