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Fuel Petcock question

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so I am getting ready to get work done on my peanut tank and want to put in a HD style petcock.

I got the 22 mil stock length petcock bung from bungking and the 22 mil center tap petcock from Lowbrow and they will not mate up. I took out my calipers and the petcock is 21.9mm on the threads and the petcock female to female adapter ring is 20.75mm at the threads the thread count is the same at 1.0 so assuming that the depth of the threads allow for the almost 1mm difference ....

wtf is going on here do I need to get a thread chaser to clean up the petcocks thread since they have been chromed or is there something else going on? One thing that I noticed is that the adaptor ring is reverse threaded on the side that mates up to the petcock itself as is the threading on the petcock.

I was under the impression that Bung King is good as a supplier for these parts so where did I go wrong.

yes I know in hindsight I whould of gone with a pingle petcock but I was buying other stuff at the time and just added it to the cart as well.
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Why not just cleaning the threads up now? What do you mean not mate up? Do you have a tpi gauge? IMO if its the same thread size and count and it's not mating up, assume you need to clean the threads up.
Yes I have a tpi gauge, The thread chaser is used to clean the threads but I am sorry to say I do not have a 22mm one to do the job.
i have the same problem with a indian larry style tank. i talked to the snap on guy at work and he said they only make a 22mm by 1.5 and not a 22mm by 1.0 which is what i need. Any ideas on where to get a tap and die?
The Filter is the gasket, and you need to try and see how many turns it takes for it to seat, do not use Teflon tape!!!!

The revers threads are so when you tighten it it pulls the petcock up to seat against the seal/filter.....

Run into the same problem with the chrome buildup...

What seemed to work good for me was taking a old petcock thread and file cut three grooves in it ....In turn making a die out of it....:)

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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