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Pricesee ad...
Thinning out my parts stash... coming to terms with the fact that a ground up build isn't gonna happen anytime soon. All prices are /OBO and do not inclde shipping. Unsure what some of this is really worth, so don't be shy if something is too high, make an offer! PM me an e-mail address for more pictures. Here's what I've amassed:

1. Front Street Cycle polished stainless bars. About 8'' rise, match the width of a narrowglide tree perfectly. Craig does first rate work. $100
2. Adjustable rake lower wide glide tree. Bough at a swap meet, cowbell mounts and steering stops have been shaved. $10 (sale pending)
3. Early hydra-glide repop top tree (wider riser spacing). One of the nacelle mount holes has been stripped, but otherwise real nice condition. $40
4. Late model 41mmFL dual disk legs, for 3/4" axle. Nice finish, one of the fender mount tabs has been chipped. $40
5. Late model (FX I think) wide glide top tree. Polish alloy, nice shape. $25
6. 8" tall solid steel risers. Finish isn't great, but not terrible. Previous owner took to tops to a grinder so he could clamp 7/8" bars in there, 1" bars still work too, but has a good size gap. $25
7. 4"-5" bent risers. No tops/clamp $10
8. Shock mount relocators, lowers bike about an 1" - 1 1/2" Were on my '03 sportster, not sure but might fit FX big twins? SOLD
9. Sloted aluminum mag wheel. Stock 16" rear off of my '03 XL, tire is bald and square, will remove before shipping if you want. $40
10. Stock mufflers off of '03 XL. $20/pair
11. Cut down cam cover for evo sporty. Bushings seem ok, did not polish the cuts at all, could use some finishing work, but the grunt work has been done. Bought as a back up in case I fubar'd mine. SOLD
12. Brake rotors. Good meat still left, one 10" on 11 1/2" $10/each (11 1/2" rotor SOLD)
13. Funky bayonet style gas caps $10/pair
14. Cheapo JP cycles P-Pad SOLD
15. LaPera solo seat. No clue what it's for, nice shape SOLD
16. Repop 3.5 gal fat bobs. Has 2 broken mounts, decent shape inside, paint isn't perfect but I wouldnt be ashamed to run it. No petcock or caps. SOLD
17. Police style pogo solo seat. foam and cover are not attached to pan, and are in rough shape but I will include them if you really want em. $20
18. Oil tank / battery box, chrome peeling, no dents. SOLD
19. Late model 41mm legs. Both are Left side legs, one is appears to be 3/4" axle, one is 1" axle. $30/each
20. Road King Front fender. Mild road rash, and would need a little massaging to be perfect. Good candidate for that FL front fender on the rear look. $25
21. Late model single disk narrow glide hub. Needs new bearings. $20
22. CV carb off of my 03 1200 XL, taken off with only 3k miles on odo, like new. SOLD
23. Stock (not andrews) cams from '03 1200 xl, only 3k miles on them. $ 25
24. Biltwell solo seat (pan and foam are biltwell) cover was done by local upholstery shop, not the best job ever. I made some half-assed mounts for my sportster then had it covered. Will need some quick fab work to fit anything, but pan and foam are still good. $30

Now what I'm looking for, would be interested in trading for:

1. A bikini fairing, either the HD or the TT&co one (or anything similar)
2. The visor mount headlamp for an XL/FX that you need to run that kind of fairing.
3. A late model electronic HD tach
4. Some kind of attack/window bars. Preferably around 10" rise, 1" or 7/8" doesnt matter.
5. A dual disk 39mm narrowglide set up (whatever you might have, a caliper, wheel, legs, lowers, whatever)
6. Aftermarket shocks for an XL



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