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I have the fork crown lower, H695, for nacelle front ends through 1954. This takes the 5/16" pinch bolts. This will work with the nacelle tops used on 5T, 6T, T100 and first year T110 or with TR5 and TR6 tops fork lugs known as part number H380 with the cast in handlebar risers. All threads are very nice.

Shipping will be by flat rate Priority mail or Priority Mail International medium flat rate box for overseas JJ members.

******** SOLD ********

Fork top for nacelle - SOLD. This is for 15/16" handlebars. Could also be correct for early Unit 500's with nacelle (3TA, 5TA & T100A), which would be part number H1108. Left & Right side nacelle top mounts will need a broken screw removed first though. I will attempt to remove them before they ship.

******** SOLD ********

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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