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Shipped = Continental US. Anywhere else, contact me and we can work something out.

Real deal glass doorknob for your jockey death trap, $20 shipped

Shovelhead oil bag and battery tray, pretty used, but works without leaking. I have the side cover for the battery, too - $40 shipped

Bell Tour Star 6 7/8 liner decent, feels nice, newer visor with small scratches - $65 shipped

1¾" x 8½" x 4" NEW megaphones - SOLD

80s FXR 5/8" master cylinder and lever, rebuilt - $35 shipped

Spool wheels:

Skinny 19", good shape, spokes are relatively nice, bearings, rim all of it very nice for a runner, tire is VERY usable AND unusual - SOLD

Chunky 18", blue spoke special, good looking wheel other than the stupid blue shit (or COOL blue shit, if you prefer. I'm not judging) again, unusual Jap knock off of a Speedmaster, very usable tire, needs a bearing on one side - $80 shipped

16" Harley rim on a quick change British hub, with axle, drum and hardware, makes my BSA sit too low unfortunately. Needs some spokage, as you can see - $75 shipped
Tire is shot, so I can cut it off if you so desire, or leave it on for mock up.

I'll post pics of the drum and hardware later. Thought I got pics...

Risers, mix n match, $30 each or both for $50 shipped:

Trusty Harley Shocks, 12", need bushings - $40 shipped

7/8" Bars as shown $75 $25 $50 $25 $25 $25 $75 ($85 w/ ****** grips) $30 SHIPPED

PAUGHCO tin primary cover, fits ALUMINUM primary with electric start - $100 shipped

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