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Pricein ad
All prices include shipping.

Wasell Tank. Some bondo, sealed with POR 15. $115

Biltwell Diamond Pleat seat. Ran it for a while, good condition. $75

33.4mm front end. I think its all there, never had it together. Lower legs shaved and have some pitting. New chrome tubes and seals. Stock length. 7/8 neck. $150

BDL Belt drive . Ran it on my panhead. 11mm. Great condition. No belt. $150

40 Harley Spokes. Painted Black. Not sure what size wheel they fit. $15

Harley Sissy Bar leather bag $25, Harley leather tool bag $20, small heavy leather tool bag $20, oil cooler $15, fold out kicker $20, 4" round mirror $7

Risers (set on left needs to be re-tapped) $20/set, Anderson Pegs (one peg looks kinda fake but it does say Anderson on the bottom) $30, Panhead motor mount with ignition $30, chrome kicker pedal $10, AMAL cast aluminum throttle SOLD, repop panhead speedo SOLD.

Bars top z bar SOLD, middle z bar SOLD , bottom speedster bar (new) $40

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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