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FS: Long Chopper Parts/ Roller

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Pricein ad
All parts brand new unless stated.

Chopper dave's frame 2" up, 0 out, 35 degree rake. Motorshop recreation frame, single downtube, looped rear. Very nice.

Mullins chain drive trees with 8" over 41mm tubes, shaved lower legs.

"Noise" gas tank, sporty tank narrowed and frisco'd, extremely nice work.

Front street cycles Stainless oil tank kit, rippled caps to match wheel cover.

Front street cycles Rippled wheel cover for rear, No longer available

Front street cycles rear fender.

Rear 16" dual flange harley wheel. Used but in nice condition. New avon tire, MKll

Front is a super skinny 19" spool hub, with new chin shin tire.

T bars in pic are sold

I want 3250$ for the whole shooting match. If it doesnt sell then I'll start parting out. Thanks...

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Started parting it out.

Front End sold

Oil tank and wheel covers sold

Frame $1500

Tank $400 pending payment

Front wheel $300

Rear wheel $300

Rear fender Sold
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