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A friend had a few of these made up as gifts to friends. He had a few left over and asked me to get rid of them. So here we are. These are exact copies of a Bates (the aluminum one) clutch pedal. They are identical to the Lee (the chromed bronze one) but made out of aluminum. They are undrilled and unpolished. You have to drill 3 holes (2 mounting + 1 for the lever). Pretty simple. You will still need the rocker clutch main bracket to mount this to. with a couple hours, a hand drill, some emory cloth, some 5/8" rod and a way to bend it, your on your way.

$75 shipped Per backing plate. Or best offer.
There are 6 available (3 Gone ). Once they are gone they are gone. No more will be made.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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