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I don't know to much about the origin of this front end I was told it was on a vintage drag bike. but what I am sure is:
33mm forks
magnesium custom machined triple trees
hollow chromoly axle and stem
akront 18" aluminium wheel and aluminium hub
shaved legs one polished, and one needing finished being polished
slick is however dry rotted a bit and I would not recomend using it
dirty and dusty from storage in this pic it should clean up nicely

To prove it is a light peace the front end minus the axle weighs 18lbs10oz
The aluminium wheel with the slick weighs 12lbs11oz

Would look bitchin on a salt flat racer, drag bike, or slick chopper

Asking 600 or trade for flathead 45 engine parts or pre unit transmission or any neat choppers parts


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