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Some stuff ive been keeping for a project, but something else i want came up.Gotta get goin on some projects. If they dont sell here today, there going on ebay tomorow.

Real, old Stellings and Hellings Angled risers. Old chrome, chrome on one is worn almost completely away.No stripped threads. Missing the caps. Some dings, but no cracks or anything.

$600 +shipping.

NOS Cheng Shin 2.50 - 21" Trials tire. I popped it onto a spool wheel to see what it would look like. WHEEL IS NOT FOR SALE Never been ran, still has hairs on it. Put it up next to a 3 - 21" to show the difference in widths.

$125 +shipping.

'61 FLH left case. Good numbers, has stripped timing hole threads, a crack running off the top of the cylinder deck toward front motor mount that i traced with a pen, a casting flaw on the front motor mount. Doesn't affect it, and a chip out of the cylinder deck that ive noted in the picture. 3-60 Date code No title. Bill of sale from me, and the bill of sale from where i got it. Will add detailed shot of crack later today.

$650 + Shipping
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