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as I try to think of what to say for my introduction.

Hmmm, well I'm Zach and came over from the HAMB. I can't say I've ever really been into bikes. I've always dug old Harley's and Indian's, especially world war two bikes. Just something about them, the color, the the stance and covered in the riders equipment. Most of the stuff around the area I grew up in were crotch rockets and over done choppers. I like plain and simple machines so the glitz and big rakes were a real turn off. So I didn't dig any deeper turned my attention to other things.

A few years ago, well more I guess, a buddy of mine built a late 30's Harley bobber and that really opened my eye's and started bringing me back around. When I started pricing things out, I realized these cool old bikes were way out of my league. I went back to playing with my car and friends cars.

Then came along HAMBer Burndup with xs650 thread last year and Hatch's Tokyo Triumph, phillysean's cafe cb550's and now caferacer's beautiful 750 cafes. That got me going again. So now I'm on the look out for a project. I think I'm leaning to cafe... Prices are climbing in the Bay Area but not as crazy as old US and Brit bikes.

When I find one and have something to contribute here, I'll chime in. For now I'll just back to reading and learning.
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