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Front caliper options?

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I want to get rid of the huge master cylinder on the bars. Is there any front brake caliper that will bolt up, or good choices to go with. Late model Sportster calipers look nice, but will they work?

It seems like due to the fittings I have to change out both, the master and caliper.

Or if I go with a remote m/c from Fab Kevin I have to change out the front caliper because of the banjo fittings.

I really like the Tokico kit that FK is offering but it won't fit on a narrow glide front end.

Like most of us here I'm on a budget trying to get my bike how I want it. I did a few searches and found no answers.

As always, thanks.

I'd appreciate any thoughts.
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I did a remote master once with a Grimeca lever style master, tucked under the tank. It looked really good. For calipers, I like Brembo rears (the little 2 piston ones) they are small and actually stop decently, but more important they look cool, right?
If you're looking for a more modern look, I made this one for a buddy of mine.
It's a Gxsr radial caliper. We used a 5/8 nissin MC which I bored out to 1" dia.
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I really like the Tokico kit that FK is offering but it won't fit on a narrow glide front end.
Fab Kevin doesn't list it on his site, but he has a Tokico caliper setup that'll work on a narrow glide. It's a Tokico 2 piston caliper - 2 pistons on the outside, and a stationary pad on the inside, similar to a Harley single piston setup.

He has them for 10" and 11 1/2" rotors, and my Part-timer Steve has been running this setup for over 2 years on his 39mm narrow glide with a 10" rotor, and a 21" wheel, and here's Kevin's Industrial Desease with a 19" wheel, so you know they'll him.

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