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Front caliper on my "74 ironhead....

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I had my caliper rebuilt and i cleaned it up and reassembled and re installed it. The line is not run so there is no pressure on the disk, at this stage the entire caliper floats from side to side. I assembled everything exactly according to the book. Is this the way these calipers are supposed to be, I'm not missing and parts?? Just making sure this is correct. I know that when I bleed the system it will tighten up but since it's brakes it's always good to make sure. Thanks.
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That's normal. Even after you bleed the system it will move some what. They also have a tendency to rattle pretty good. Factory issued a 'service fix'. It's a spring that runs from the caliper mount to the pad mount p/n HD 43302-77. Check ebay.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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