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Frisco 2.8 gallon gas tank. It's polished and shiny for the most part, bodywork smoothing out the rear petcock bung. The underside petcock bung has been removed and welded shut, the left side petcock bung is 3/8ths and it takes the newer style threaded cap. Straight and dent/ding free. Polish the rest or rough it up and paint it. Looks new inside. 85$ SHIPPED ****SOLD******

NEW SU chrome SU embossed air cleaner. 30$ SHIPPED ****SOLD*****

NEW 14 tooth kicker gear for 4 speeds. 28$ SHIPPED ****SOLD******

Crazy custom made springer rockers. These fit the standard Paughco, sotck and DNA springer rocker bolts and take a 3/4 axle. They are made of 1/2 inch thick stainless. They came with a springer I bought. One castle nut is jacked up, but everything else is great. 85$ SHIPPPED *****SOLD*******

6 inch billet risers for 1 inch bars 38$ SHIPPED

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