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Friday Art ... 8/26/11

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Just finished up quite a few new leather projects....

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holy crap john i thought that first picture was a picture and the second was a painting of it......blew my mind when i saw the car door handle.
nice work today fellas i always look forward to seeing the art on fridays.
very nice work as usual!

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^^^Your work is Top shelve man be proud!!
Just finished up quite a few new leather projects....

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Great looking work! Love the seat especially!
Xian, WOW! Awesome!

And the paint work is you guys did is amazing too, love it!
As usual cali nice work on those helmets. after i get the bike running again i am goin got have to save for one of your awesome helmets.
Friday Art contribution.


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thanks deadpirate!

Xian, that tank wrapped in leather takes the cake man!!! SPLENDID!
@Xianleather- Yeah. Ink on paper. The image is from "Gray's Anatomy."
My contribution for the week, great works yall are postin!

HOLY FUCKING SHIT MAN!!!!! Im starting out trying to do some tooling myself, and WTF....How is this even possible!!!!! I would love to pick your brain sometime, as I cant even imagine how to get this result!!!!
/\ Wow .... thats all i can say. The contrast is incredible.
great work from everyone as usual.

I gotta say tho, the leather tank takes the cake

I had a tank and fender set I was gonna show, but didn't get it finnished yet, will post it next week
Xianleather, your work is beyond amazing. How do you get those lines so bold and clean?
Thank you guys! Chevota im not really sure. I've been doing it so long its just a natural thing for me to when I bevel.. Sort of Habitual in a way. Honestly , I tool the same exact way everyone else does.. No crazy secret or magic tools. I still use a 12 dollar beveler I got from Hidecrafters 8 years ago or so....
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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