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Friday Art 3/11/22

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Some of you newer guys may not remember this, but in the earlier days of JJ, we had a Friday Art thread. Only on Fridays it was permissible to post up motorcycle-related art.

I miss that thread.

So, here's my contribution, though my talents are likely outweighed by most other people here. I go to a bar sometimes with my wife that's real fancy, and they use plain brown placemats. I mentioned that it was a waste of real estate one day, and the bartender produced a box of Crayolas from under the bar. (I am partial to their products as I live near the factory.) Since I'm kind of spastic but I tip well, they are happy to let me sit there and color and get smashed.

Yes, I am aware I drew split automotive-style con-rods and they are not knife-and fork. I started drawing without a goal in mind and I was wrecked.

Whatcha got?
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and that sort is the header image that appears when I visit the JJ. I just wanna thank the mod or mods who finally prevailed on God (or whoever caused the site to be redesigned) to put up an image that suits the JJ, replacing the twee little brat-thing (a style I like but would never admit that) that a hepcat graphic designer selected.

Thank you, HD49! Thanks, anybody else who was involved! I don't want to know what you had to do to get the change made: that would make me an accessory after the fact, and I've been there plenty already.
We changed that a long time ago, are you saying you were still seeing the old image?
Until just recently, yep.

Wait a minute! Who are you, and what have you done with HD49?
I’ve been drunk since Friday
And just got this in Spanish post 3 months too late for my birthday from England (blame brexit)
Bike is a little wrong if you look closely
Wheel Tire Plant Vehicle Automotive tire
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a seagull with 3 legs?
Image is flopped.
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Yes it is, good call.
Now the brake is on the right as God intended.

Beautiful piece of work.
Years ago, I saw a poster of Elvis sitting on his Panhead Dresser, but the image was reversed; it looked very strange!
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