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mcotie said:
That's pretty damn cool. I recognize some of the parts you're using. But not all of them; any hints on the other parts? How often do you make these? very cool.

Glad you like them Mitch. They are misc bitsa this and that. The cylinders are the main focal point and determine the size of the bikes. I got them at the chainsaw shop. They had a bucket full from rebuilds. The tank is sheet metal,the fenders are 2" exhaust pipe cut to fit and the bikes pipes are old handlebars.
Shopping carts are a great source of material ,cool chrome frames! I haven't made one in a while, takes a weekend. All you need is a cutting torch,welder and inspiration, usually derived from a good sixer or two. They take up alot of space ,they are 3 + feet long and heavy. They look good in the right spot,hanging in mid-air from garage rafters etc.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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