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Found some old bikes, 1958 Royal Enfield Indian Lance 1939 Flying Flea Villiers Power

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Well I recently found a few old bikes and I don't really know where to go for more information on them. If I'm in the wrong place please let me know. Well here is what I do know.

The first bike is a 1958 Royal Enfield Indian Lance 150cc. It's either the nicest original bike iv seen or it was restored in the 70's. The odometer only says 886 miles. The guy I bought it from had it since 1982 in this condition. He only rode it 7 miles since he titles it in 1982.

The next bike is a mystery.....I think it's a 1939 Flying Flea. I believe its made by James? Its been hanging from a guys rafters for 30 years. That's about the most I know. It's got a twin port exhaust Villiers engine in it. It's been sitting forever and was bought together with the Indian. Any addition info on this bike would be highly appreciated. I'm just trying to educate myself before starting both bikes.

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James ML . The ML stand for Military Light . I have half of one rotting beside my garage .
I don't know anything about either of them .But I do know that they are way COOL thanks for sharing the pics
Nice find. They look great. Be fun to ride around town.
nothing worth spending your dimes on,send me your account number and i'll relive you of your missery,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

kidding great find,both very nice :)
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you might want to also mix the right fuel , ever seen a 2 stroke go bang?
choppaweeza is on to something. Look at the individual parts on the james. They stamped just about every part with the model. Looks like an ML 125 to me too.
Solid piece of 2 wheel history! Love them both!
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