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Forgot one

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Forgot my 1980 SR-500 cafe racer. Raced this bike between 1984-95 in AAMRR and AMA/CCS lightweight Superbike. Bike was very successful for me not due to any great riding on my part but due to the fact it NEVER EVER broke. I'd show up go out in practice to warm myself up and then sit back in my folding chair while my competitors racing RDs Yamahas and GS Suzukis fiddled on theirs. It was class champion 3 times, second in points 3 times and third in poins 3 times. Sold it in 1996 and lost track of it. Then one day while driving through a neighborhood in South Florida there it was leaning up against at empty house. Got hold of the house owner who said a tenant had abandoned it there. If I would take it I could have it. He didn't have to offer twice!

In it's new incarnation it will have an ASIN 300 supercharger and have a full race flowed head, corresponding Webco cam, valves, springs, vernier sprocket, hardened rockers and pipe. Mikuni 41mm flat slide carb. extra oil likes for the rockers, oil cooler and Carillo rod. Chassis wise it will have Yamaha FZR 400 wheels and brakes, alloy swingarm, Hagon shocks, Lyta alloy fuel tank and the TZ seat I used back in the day and still have.
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Show us (me) pics, and quick, before someone tells you that the JJ is Japanese-allergic.

I had three SRs; guess I must like them or something.
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