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Forgive this worst post.

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Fack! I shouldn't even have to ask about this "water transfer sticker task".
But this sticker is like a 20 yr old 1 of 1 HD600R for a 1 off bike. Dont even know if it will stick still. Any tricks for this? Just water, part windex soap or something?

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If it's soft it should still stick buddy. Get you a bowl, fill it with JUST water. Get your tank surface really clean, then wipe it with some water and literally maybe a drop of dish soap just to get it all slippery and happy. Put your decal in the bowl and let it soak for a few minutes till shes almost falling off the paper, then slide it off the paper onto your tank. The soap will basically let you slide the decal around to find the perfect spot. After shes on and all the air bubbles are out (if any) get a damp rag and dab it a little bit just to press it down a little more, hope this helps!
Bucket of water with a drop of soap. My experience has been that waterslides are good 'til they aren't, and there's no way of knowing when that is 'til you try 'em.
You only need a application fluid if registration is important. Probably not so in this case. Clean the surface and apply as you would any other sticker.
take it to a sign shop and see if they can make a decal for you. Or photo copy it before you move forward. once you put it in water game over if it doesn't work out. I would at least have some sort of back up plan before you screw yourself if it doesn't work out. just my $.02
Check a hobby shop for decal paper you can run through a home computer printer. I think Testor' s makes it for models. Definitely will need a good UV proof clearcoat though!
Ah, great call on getting a good scan of it first as a safety back up!
Had good luck in the past with old transfers by using varnish on the back rather than dump in water. Trim it 1st to the dimms of transfer, then varnish and apply, squeeze extra varnish out with a rubber roller, clean extra varnish from tank, let it dry, then only apply water to get rid of the top paper.

Ah, great call on getting a good scan of it first as a safety back up!
I have a set of '83 FXDG decals; one year only stuff. The decal shop laser scanned them and made 20 copies for $20. Only one problem, and it's not a problem: the clones are 'crisper' than the originals.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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