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CitySioux Falls
Just kind of testing the waters...

I have a 1967 XLCH that I'd like to trade for preferably a classic running/driver car.

Bike Details:
Motor - 1967 XLCH 900. Stock bore, stock cams, kick only, Morse-fairbanks magneto, 12v Generator, Transistor regulator, Bendix carb, and finned aluminum primary cover (rare). Low miles on a fairly recent rebuild. Lower-end balanced by Charley Machado (Machado Racing in Austin, TX), the rest was assembled by me.

Body - Strutless "Devil Tail" fender by Jerry Shull, Stock XLCH oil tank, British style tank (peaked), head lamp is from an old fire truck, candy paint with silver leaf, striped and signed by Von Franco.

Frame - Stock XLCH with weld-on hard-tail, nicely molded, and gloss black.

Steering - Early model (some say K model) forks with steel lowers, 21" drum. Flat-track style low-rise bars.

Controls - Modified forward controls: Left foot clutch, right foot rear brake, left hand shift.

Exhaust - Up swept pipes, trumpet mufflers.

Driveline - Stock, 16" rear.

Right now I'm just seeing if there's any interest in a trade. I have a 3 year old daughter and a wife that would like to share the time I spend with this bike. I'm looking for a pre-65 car, preferably driveable. Something with front and back seats. Fairly stock and complete. No pickups. I like 49-56 and 59-65 Chevys, Buicks, Olds, and Pontiacs. Shoebox Fords and or Mercs. Not a huge Chrysler fan, but I'm open to anything for consideration, earlier cars as well. I'm not afraid of 4 doors, but I prefer hardtops. I don't have a lot of extra cash to throw at this, but everything is negotiable. Please message me if interested with interesting trade options. More photos and details with interest.

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