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FNG/old guy

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american made 58 years ago...hotrodder,biker,welder-fabricator,republican,women lover,chopper builder.welder since high school,work fab industry for 15 years ,worked as union pipefitter on nukey plant till started my own rod n chopper shop in 1985.profeicient aluminum,stainless n steel welder/machinist/fabricator.been chopping tops n design n fabricating hotrods for years now. dabble in choppers more as a hobby,but can do almost anything metal.we've cut up a few victory's, sportys and built my own 113 s&s bigtwin chopper from scratch.some stuff on our found this jockey journal site. seems like fun ,with lots of ole skool home builders. awesome. not everyone needs a pro shop. i applaud n respect those who dig in themselves.look forward to rapore with any questions as i have many. building a 750 triumph bobber now.way different than HD stuff.but fun.......:eek:
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welcome aboard
Fabricators & choppers always welcome in my book!
look forward to seeing some of your handy work.
I'm new here as well.;)
Welcome. Where in Maine are you?
Welcome, Seems like you have alot of Fun up that way! The first time I rode into Maine on a Motorcycle (Laconia Run) I felt like I had new Lungs, suddenly I could breathe, talk about God's Country...
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