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Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. This site seams pretty cool. I got a 2001 Yama V-Star. I'll soon be enjoying the hospitality of the Iraqi people for the next 6-8 months. That country sucks but it will allow me to get enough scratch together to build a respectable (disreputable) bike. Thinking about a shovel/pan bobber but have a few months to decide.
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Hey Welcome!!

I spent my first 5 years in the Air Force at Spangdahlem. What an awesome place it was to get stationed when youre only 17 and no drinking age. My buddy Duke ( TSgt Yan Bolduc) is still there as an FTD instructor. If you see him say hey. Germany and that base, kick major ass. Welcome aboard and don't waste any time to share pics when you ride there.

Sorry to hear you have to go to Iraq. 6-8 months---that's another short tour isn't it? Be safe.

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