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What's up guys and gals? I'm just another guy who refuses to grow up. I've been playing with cars, trucks and motorcycles most of my life. I'm always happiest with busted knuckles and dirty fingernails. I manage a corporate conference center, and people are always asking me what the hell did you do to your hands. :D

I live a few miles NW of Philly, and I'm the only gearhead in my neighborhood as far as I can tell. When I'm working on something in my garage, I get a lot of strange looks from folks driving by.

Right now I'm playing with a few old metric bikes. The 77 CB750 is getting a full rebuild with a 836 cc big bore upgrade. It's in pieces right now. The other is a 75 CB750 that I just picked up for $300. It in pretty good shape, but has a rusted frame. After I get the frame tightened up it should be a good rider next year.
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