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FNG from Ohio

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Same handle from the HAMB. Haven't had time to mess with the cars for a while, barely have time for the shifter knobs, too, neck deep in diapers. I grew up on the back of Harley just before the company's demographic changed and the yuppies were playing biker. Dad got rid of his after the engine went for the last damned time, and on to other bikes and brands.

He was good buddies with the damndest guy you could imagine. Owned the local HD shop, and it was a paradise for a kid. Drag cars, blown engines, airplanes, drag boats, hot rods, all crammed on the lot. Hell, Dad and he took a hovercraft to lunch one day. Dude was a Nam vet, more than a few others hung around the shop. I think PTSD made him try to stay faster than the memories. Had some titles in a few kinds of motorsports. Needless to say, when I was in the single digits, the guy was my hero. He'd tell me to get a dollar off my dad and grab all the shirts I could hold since bikers don't wear size smalls! Only kid in 2nd grade with a t-shirt that listed all the Japanese bike brands with the tagline "The people who brought you Pearl Harbor" underneath it." Damn I loved that shirt. He died a couple of weeks ago, feels like I've been gutted. Never got to get his stories nailed down, especially Vietnam (Military history and the uniforms and gear are the primary passion in my life). I never wanted to bring it up, but now they're gone. Figure a shitbox project Sportster would be a nice hack to ride to work, and a nice timewarp to a pretty bitchin childhood.

Don't plan on posting much, but I do plan on checking out everything I can. Might drop a line when I line up the project in the next few months.
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welcome aboard, sounds like some great memories
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