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Flywheel Wizards...

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So I have this "found under a tree, in a barn, dropped by a stork." cone shovel. As I roll the bottom end through I head a scrap and felt a sharpness on the flywheels on the pressed side. So I split cases... I can't find anything in there (as the boys are good at tossing pennys)). I know there is a way to measure from the crank pin to the wheel edge to see what wheels are in it... I know that 1.7 (ish) is a 74... what the hell is 2.275???

I think Dragstews had some of that info... or I think.. I forget a lot. still....

how big are these.. because... i'll sell 'em to go back stock.
they dont have factory casting numbers and are not $&$.

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Somewhere I have those specks for both the OEM wheels for 74" and 80"
in the STD 8-1/2" O.D. wheels.

But do suffer from CRS at times....

Put in a call to TJ or Paul at.....

They can tell ya what it is...

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Played with it a lil more.. one wheel is spun but still.. these are not 74 wheels... hell if i played stroker at this age..... well..I wont die but, I'll still blow it up.
my 74's run 80 all day long some 20 hours... I'll stay with stock.

thanks dragstews!!! I knew you had it somewhere.

This wheel is an 80"

Has the OEM casting # 23-94578

But this was some of Harley's years of let's screw around with the techs some..

You call T&O with this figure and it may very well turn out to be a 74" in sheep clothing...


Just got back from a Cool Off, end of day ride of about 40 miles....
The 52 purrs like a kitten being out to 90 cubes...
Should have done the stroke, back when I was 17 to her...
Maybe not, I was skin and bone in that day...But did live on a hill.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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