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have an old beat up panhead motor that needs rebuilding and i was wondering if anybody has any feedback on floworks.

they seem like they have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to rebuilding old iron and improving it's reliability. but i dont know if im just being dazzeled by graphs and tech talk so id like some of the guys that have seen it all over the past 20+ years (irish rich et al) for their take on this company and their products and services.

if you prefer to answer via email or pm thats fine as well.

thanks in advance

ps not sure if this belongs in tech since this is supposed to be tech articles. admin lemme know if you need to move this post

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looks like they do some cool shit to improve the life of pans/shovels but damn they are NOT cheap...and they want $25 for a catalog! you should get the catalog before doing anything else, then let me check it out.
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