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So are you saying the worst I could be looking at is just a bearing swap? What about the brakes?

I don't have the wheel I am looking at doing some trading with a guy and he has no idea. So I figured I should probably find out before I do the deal.
Hi Big Jimmy,
The later Forks did go to a 1" axle but also realize that any parts swaping means that you would need to check and 'fit' parts, on all these later disc brake front ends the inboard side of the caliper comes Very close to the Spokes 'if using spoke rim', first Center your Hub then set up the Caliper Spacing and Mounting, recently I had Buchanans make me up as set of spokes for a 2008 hub, once you know what year your parts are from you can reach out for the parts you need, I chuck my Fork into a Vise on the angle the fork will sit, now you are able to work and center your parts.. Below is a 2008 Nightster Fork with a PM Caliper, I still need to play with some spacing..good luck to you..
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