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First kickstart by my boy, today!!

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So it was his 15th birthday, and we went to Walneck's swap meet in Woodstock. Met up with a couple friends, and wandered for a few hours. Found a couple things, then headed over to my buddie's house to pick up some trading fodder.

I'm to install a fender onto his M20/Goulding outfit, so I thought it would be appropriate to ascertain it's running status. After I warmed it up a bit, my boy asked if HE could start it. I thought, no. But he surprised all of us by kicking the old Beezer into life.

So he's got that going for him - the first bike he ever kicked into life was a 500cc British single. Not even *I* can say that (650 Brit twin).

A good day all 'round.

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In my opinion the singles have always been harder to start, good job Dad.
Just finished helping a friend with a restoration on one of those old sluggers. Bravo Zulu, Cosmo and son, there's some bragging rights for you both!
Love it!
Sign of the times, I suppose. When I was 15, you had no choice. It was kick, walk or stay on the Schwinn. I was starting a 500 AJS at that age.
Congrats to your boy and good on ya for passing that torch ! :cool:
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