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I have a to choose between two sets of cams and would like some opinons:

Option #1) Mega Cycle cams 3*0 / 76 and 79 / 76 which I could not find on their site so I called and found out they were a street performance cam. They became cost prohibitive to continue with them so they stopped but I'm getting the data in the mail soon. I guess they were built for "sonny route"?

360 Cam Lift
302 Duration @ 20
(I don't really know wtf this means yet but I bet you do)

Option #2) E5048 and E3325 (also had 3134 on it) I couldn't find these in the parts book I have for the 68 motor or the 65 motor that I'm putting together.

Back story: All this cam shit is new too me so I'm reading as much as I can on it. What would you guys use? I was told the mega cycles were an "intermediate cam" and to be sure to use an oil that had Zinc.

Thanks as always,
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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