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I have a to choose between two sets of cams and would like some opinons:

Option #1) Mega Cycle cams 3*0 / 76 and 79 / 76 which I could not find on their site so I called and found out they were a street performance cam. They became cost prohibitive to continue with them so they stopped but I'm getting the data in the mail soon. I guess they were built for "sonny route"?

360 Cam Lift
302 Duration @ 20
(I don't really know wtf this means yet but I bet you do)

Option #2) E5048 and E3325 (also had 3134 on it) I couldn't find these in the parts book I have for the 68 motor or the 65 motor that I'm putting together.

Back story: All this cam shit is new too me so I'm reading as much as I can on it. What would you guys use? I was told the mega cycles were an "intermediate cam" and to be sure to use an oil that had Zinc.

Thanks as always,

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All oils have zinc, the package is actually called zddp. It is more expensive to manufacture oils of this type and it kills catalytic converters so automotive oil are capped at a 600 count to extend the converter's life. High zddp packages are needed on flat tappet motors since you have a lot of flat metal on metal fiction with high valve spring pressures, most motorcycle oils are in the 1000 count range since up till recently they where catless.

The highest zddp oil I have found in my research is Belray's EXR oil, it was formulated originally for harley's xr powered flat trackers decades back and is about a 1400 count zddp oil. Not cheap but the best.

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For the fucken 3rd time!

Mate. Change cams = change breathing from crankcase
Unmodified 650 dont need cams whereby your torque has gone when you want to pass a car doin 80 coz your not 'on cam'.
Nitride EX cam means you dont have to oil it so u can block that oilway for more oil to big end.
750IN/Tonys nitrided EX with big bore kit breathing through front cavity with a reed valve (not the 750 breathing through primary use the same oil bullshit) is a good setup. IN is spitfire profile talked about in Shentons book.
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