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First bike build

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As the title says, this is my first bike build. Right now still getting parts together. I am looking for a pan w/ title and 4 speed.

So far;
Detroit Bro's frame (I dont care if you like it your not building it or riding it)
Kiwi springer
Rapido tank
Radiar wheels
Custom rear hub, 23 hours of machine/design time
Moon oli bag w/ Fab Kevin brackets
Custom bars
Trailer fender
3/16 plate steel seat pan

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Ment to say where did you get the front mag?

nice bullie btw I have two of the snoring bastards myself
The front wheel and rear wheel are from Radir, they make hot rod/gasser wheels. The wheel was for a spindle mount frontend like a t-bucket. I begged and begged the owner to sell me one that was in the "raw" unmachined unpolished. I then machined it out to accept sealed HD bearings.

As for the "bullie"
Yeah the little bastard is about the most vial creature alive, thats why he is my bestfriend.
I had to put my American Bulldog, "Clubber", down a few weeks back. That rotten bastard left a big hole in the entire family. Gotta love the bullie breeds.

I also dig the wheels, especially the rear. Well done on that.

The best thing about your entire post is: "Detroit Bro's frame (I dont care if you like it your not building it or riding it)".
Guess you missed all the discussions about car tires. Good luck!
You will sure have a one of a kind, allways nice following a total build up
where in MD are you?
Sykesvile, just down the road from you.
Personally I have always liked the Detroit brothers drop seat frames. But that's probably comes from my Suzuki drag bike back ground. Good luck on the build.
Love the direction you are going! Can't wait to see more. What colors are you thinking for paint? Just my .02 I think you should move the oil filter. It's breaking up the lines on the rear wheel.
On one hand, I dislike just about everything you've put on your bike.

On the other hand, I think it looks really frackin' good together.

And, I agree with the oil filter.

I agree with fatass, the parts I'm not in love with, drop seats look odd to me, but for some reason I like yours. It all fits and I think the fact that you knew it wasn't gonna appeal to everyone and stated you didn't care, (which was pretty funny by the way), makes me like it even more. Looking forward to seeing this one get finished! Cool dog by the way, I don't have a bulldog but I like them a whole lot!
Guess you missed all the discussions about car tires. Good luck!
I don't think it's gonna matter, Robbie.:D

I think that frame looks fantastic. I assume the expected negativity stems from the gruesome image of hitting something on it?

I like what you've done....
asking me that's a fuckin' awesome rig!

looking forward to follow to the final ride ...

keep us updated!
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