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First-Attempt Builder Here

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OK...I'll try the intro again...please don't delete me!

Been looking for a good motorcycle forum for awhile and so glad I found yall. About 50% complete on my build and yall could have saved me from learning the hard way several times already. Looking forward to learning so much more (and sharing learnings). Riding is living!

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Welcome to the board! Always good to see more Texans on the JJ. Hella nice work you're doin. def envious of your equipment. Like the top right design on the risers on your blog, clean and simple. keep em comin, Bro.
I seldom check out new peoples mainly because I don't notice that section of the board!! But well as good work early in your blog-nice stuff you do to keep yourself entertained and family happy!! Take care!

Welcome to the board man, I've been off for awhile but gettin fired up for a bobber build myself.
Thanks for all the comments. It's inspiring to see some of the stuff yall are doing. Again...pumped that I found this place

Welcome, I'm just south of you in Alvin/Santa Fe. Am basically a beginner as well.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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