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Hi gang,

I have been lurking here for quite awhile ('bout 4 years now) so I figured it was time to actually become a member. If you frequent the H.A.M.B. you may recognize my screen name from there. My name is Chip Quinn, and I am mostly a hot rod guy that plays with bikes. I always have some long on going bike project crankin' along in my spare time, but almost always seem to sell it off before I complete it... Trying to clean up that record a bit!

I have been a Triumph nut for many years now, and have a '53 thunderbird project that is going together as an early sixties show bike type chop. Through a few trades and shear dumb luck I have aquired enough pre unit stuff to choke a small horse! I run my small hot rod and louver shop full time from home in downtown Phoenix, so time to work on MY stuff is a bit thin, buit when I do I can post a bit about it.

Hope I can contribute to this sight as well as get some of my dumb assed questions answered...

Later, Chip
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